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Add-on Services (VIP Room)

Imperial Foot Spa

Add-on Services (VIP Room)

$ 50.00

Foot Add-On Services:

Foot discomfort is a common problem. Our feet being human take a lot of abuse. Whether it be at work, gym, park or the mall. A soothing foot bath followed by a massage is the perfect way to pamper those hardworking feet. Foot baths go hand in hand in treatments for any skin, callouses or fungal infections. Come soothe, refresh and renew blood circulation. You are able to chose from 4 of our new add-on services. 

Chinese Foot Reflexology:

1 hour- $60

Special 4 Foot Baths:

1. Rose Pedal: Applying rose pedals to your  foot bath is known to help with the following 

-reduce levels of stress

-increase circulation

-expelling toxins from the body

-stimulates natural circulation for improved health

-relaxes tense aching muscles and joints

2. Milk Bath: Applying our milk to your foot bath is known to help with the following

-leaves your skin feeling soft and supple

-exfoliate the skin

-sooth skin irritations

-enhance relaxation

-improve skin appeareance 

3. Tibetian Herb Bath: Our special order of Chinese medicine is a topical cream known to help with the following

 -blood circulation aid

-herbs enhance relaxation

-sooth dry skin

-promote skin health

-lower blood pressure

-relax tense muscles

-promote longevity

4. (ONLY FOR WOMEN) Fragrant Concubine Milk Body Bath:  Special order from China it is a combination of herbs inspired by the legend of the"Fragrant Concubine".This woman's beauty was so renowned that the Emperor sent for her to be his concubine. Beyond her beauty, she was known for her natural fragrance. Part of her daily regimen to preserve her beauty was bathing daily in camel's milk. While there is no camel's milk in this blend, soaking in Xiang Fei Niu Nai Yu Ya is considered to be very beneficial for the skin and one's general well being. 

Body Add-On Services:

30 minute Rolling Massage - 25$

30 minute With Oil - 30$